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I have used Vimax pills for the past 6 month and I have been very happy with the results. I have also been following the penis exercises program that came with the pills which is quite good.
I recommend Vimax to all men who have problems with erectile dysfunction or just need larger penis.

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I recommend vimax pills to all men

Update – 16 February 2015: I have just finished my half year test of Vimax pills and I’m very happy with the results. I will recommend the pills to all who have erection problems or who want to have rock hard erections. I used to have short and soft erections, but now they are rock hard and longer than they used to be.

You can take a look at my progress in the blog below.

Hello guys, I’m Danny from Sweden. I have created this Vimax results website to help all the men out there who suffer from erection dysfunction and a small penis. I got a problem with my blood circulation which causes erection dysfunction, that’s why I’m going to try it and to get a few extra cm in length.

Shipping and price

I have bought 6 month supply of Vimax pills for $ 235, which is around the same price as other penis pills. Shipping was $20 with no tracking code and it took less than a week. I don’t know where it was send from; it might be faster if you live in Canada or USA.

The penis pills came in a discrete box! Which is a huge deal for most men who order this kind of products online.

How am I going to test the pills?

Let’s be honest, I’m not a doctor or any kind of lab guy, so my test is purely based on my personal experience with the pills. I’m going to take a pill in the morning and one a half hour before sex – as advised on the official Vimax website.

I’m going to rate my erections from 1-5 after each sexual activity. I have made my own rating table  🙂

*Stars* Explanation
5 A perfect erection with no problems at all!
4 A good erection with minor problems
3 A normal erection with problems
2 An erection with a lot of problems
1 No erection at all!

I’m also going to measure my penis length every month to see the progress. I’ll be doing penis exercises as well to speed up the process. Penis enlargement is a really slow process so I don’t expect to see any significantly results in the first couple of months. That’s why I have bought 6 month supply.

Why did I choose Vimax?

The marked for Male enhancement pills are huge! Just do a search on Google and you will find 100’s if not 1000’s of products that all claim to be the best! The reason why I chose them was because it’s one of the few penis pills that have been tested in a lab and it has such a good reputation. More than 1 million consumers can’t be wrong!

Another reason (An important one) is the fact that they does not contain chemicals! It’s a 100% natural pill which means no side effects and unwanted allergic reactions.

What do I expect of the penis pills?

You will be able to see and feel the results after a few days, but the full results of Vimax will show after 9 weeks of usage.

My expectations for week 1 to week 4:

  • Increased sexual desire
  • Less erection problems

My expectations for week 5 to week 8:

  • Improved sexual performance
  • Improved satisfaction during sex
  • Only a few erection problems
  • First sign of penis enlargement

My expectations for week 9 to week 13:

  • No erection problems
  • Able to hold an erection for much longer than normal
  • I would love to see the first cm added to my penis

My expectations for week 14 and forward

  • No erection problems
  • Able to hold an erection for much longer than normal
  • 3-4 cm longer penis when erect
  • 2-3 cm thicker penis when erect

Written by Danny Hanson 3 July 2014

Update: First month – My results

I have just completed the first month with Vimax pills and I must say that I’m really pleased with the results. I can defiantly feel my sexual desire has increased. My girlfriend does not know that I’m taking the pills, but the other day she said that I had changed quite a lot in the bed. I asked her how I had changed, she replayed that I had way more energy than I used to have.

Results after the first month:

That was a perfect start, but I do still have problems with my erections, but they should be fixed once I get passed the 2 month mark. I have not seen any length results now, but the grid has changed a lot.

I will rate my erections with 3 stars after the first month:  3 – A normal erection with problems.

On a normal day I would have problems getting a full size erection, but that problem is gone now. I still find it hard to keep it erect during 20 min of sex. So there is still plenty of room for improvements. I look forward to the next month’s results.

Written by Danny Hanson 1 August 2014

Update: Second month – My results

Hey guys, I’m back again after another month! The results are really picking up now.  I was able to get an erection after the first month, but found it hard to keep it up during sex. Well that has changed! Now I got a rock solid erection during 20 min. no problem at all 🙂

I still got a lot of energy during sex, and my girlfriend loves it!

Another good thing is the satisfaction during sex! It is somehow way better now than it used to be. I have no idea how it does that. I might do a small research to find out how it works!

Results after the second month:

The first enlargement results are beginning to show. I can clearly see that the grid of my penis has increased. I measured it to a 2 cm penis girth gain and a ½ cm length gain, which is pretty good J I hope to see some results like this is the following months.

Written by Danny Hanson 4 September 2014

Update: Third month – My results

Another month has passed and I can now feel the full effect of the Vimax penis pills. The results are absolutely awesome! I have not erection problems at all and the pills have made sex much more enjoyable, like it is supposed to be.

My girlfriend is so happy about it. I have still not told her about the pills, but I might have to do it later, before she finds out herself.

Results after the third month:

  • No erection problems at all
  • I am able to hold an erection for much longer, than I used to
  • Really good orgasms, like nothing I have ever experienced before
  • Penis girth has increased by 2 cm
  • Penis length has increased by 1 cm

Written by Danny Hanson 1 October 2014

Update: Fourth month – My results

Time goes so quickly, I’m already 2/3 of the way in to my half year test. So far it has been amazing with purely positive results.

And this month was been no different, purely positive things to say about the pills. I still don’t have any problem with my erection; it’s hard as a rock!

Results after the Fourth month:

  • No erection problems at all
  • I’m able to keep an erection for a long time!
  • Awesome orgasms
  • Penis girth has increased by 2 cm!!!
  • Penis length has increased by 1½ cm!!!

Written by Danny Hanson 7 November 2013

Update: Fifth and sixth month – My results

Hey guys, sorry about the lack of updates. I was way too busy during Christmas and New Year, to update the site and I must admit that I completely forgot to update it in the end of January. I’ll just make one update with the fifth and sixth month of results.

Results after the Fourth month:

  • No erection problems at all
  • I’m able to keep an erection for a long time!
  • Awesome orgasms
  • Penis grid has increased by 2 cm!!!
  • Penis length has increased by 2½ cm!!!

This is my going to be my last update since I only bought 6 month supply. I’ll properly buy some more Vimax pills later on. Take care, guys and thanks for following me here.

Update: The pills are shipped to almost all contries in the world, including India!

Written by Danny Hanson 16 February 2014



  1. James says

    Hey Danny
    I am very interested in the results of your test, since I have similar problems. I’ll get back to your site in a few weeks 🙂

  2. Kim354 says

    I have taken penis pills for some time now and I’m very pleased with the results. I just want to let you know that you can get a bit dehydrated when you take the pills. It’s best to drink a full glas of water with each pill.
    Take care,

  3. Doy Silva says

    I am from Malaysia. I bought Vimax and color of the pills is white and blue is this the the original pills in Canada or being re-pack in Malaysia?

  4. Ben says

    Hello am Ben am working out of my country away from my wife it’s now three months I haven’t meet a woman for sex.

    I will be going home in 2 weeks time from today 11th November, do I take 2 pills aday and will be ready in 2 weeks to give my wife good sex??.

    I would like to know for how long do I need to take vimax pills my pens to be permanent longer, thinker, and strong?.

    Thank you Ben bye.

  5. Sinthu says

    Hi Danny

    When will you be writing your next update as I don’t see one for the fifth month, or have you stop taking it?

  6. saad says

    Hi to all,

    I am using the pills and 2 weeks have passed, I am young but wanted to use it for improvenment so I try it and in only 2 weeks I got huge orgasm which mean if I use it 3 month then it will be perfect, so I adivice all don’t buy other pills because these pills are natural and fast and give permanent results!


  7. Kumar says

    Hi Danny ,

    Im from Malaysia.Would like to get the original pack .
    Is there any side effects because im having diabetes.

  8. Benny Wright says

    Well 2 years ago 1 went on the pills for 11months..during week six and beyond , i was ready for action at any time, had a break for 8 months now, penis still as large thanks to vimax 8 1/2 inches 4 1/2 inch gerth and going back on them now as only for preformance…Im hoping for a 9 incher and you can never be too thick im 5 ft 7 tall so im look more dick than body…hahaahah….Wonderful Product…forget the rest

  9. Chaudhry says

    Dear all,

    i don’t want to turn anybody down but according to the company is just man enhancement medication they didn’t claim for any type of gain either in length or girth so i don’t know. i just ordered lets see whats going to happen !!! ( finger crossed ) 🙂

  10. muzamil says

    hi! my name is muzamil i’m 27year old i belongest to pakistan my penis size is small i want to increas my penis saze but how many time will be in my penis size i need ur help plz give me full cours information as soon as possible. thanks

  11. nurul amin says

    I want vmax pill by cash . Now I live in newyork . So whir I can go ?I need
    Addrees of jecsonhights or manhattan

  12. Kaypoh says

    Hi Danny,

    Do you have any penis exercise on the course of the Vinax? As can be seen on your blog, you have inceases in both length and girth. If there’s any exercise to br done. Do share it.

    Thanks and best regards.

    • Danny Hanson says

      Hi Monir

      You can only buy it online, but the good news is that they will send the pills to you in Italy in just a few days. Just click the link in the top of the page.

      Best regards

    • Danny Hanson says


      You can buy the pills from the link in the top of the page. They will send it to you in Singapore in a few days

      best regards

  13. Apeta says

    I want a another way to purchased the product. I want money order or a check. I don’t have a credit card. So, please consider this need.

    Thank you,

  14. One|Bee says

    Hey Danny. i just wanna know how the pill looks like. You know, so i won’t get scammed or buy a rip-off immitation of the product.

    • Danny Hanson says


      You can avoid being scammed if you just follow a few simple rules.
      First DONT buy them from amazon, ebay or any other third party company! NEVER!
      If the pills are cheaper than the pills on the official site then they are fake!
      ONLY BUY Vimax from the official site at

      Best regards,

  15. Jack Cobber says

    Hi Danny,

    I am from Malaysia. Glad that you have received positive results via VIMAX. Just would like to know, is the erection level and duration will maintain after we stop using VIMAX after 4 months? Or we need to continue taking VIMAX forever?
    Please advise.

    • Danny Hanson says

      Hi Jack

      The effect of the pills will slowly be reduced. But I would recommend you do to penis exercises that way to can continue to enjoy long lasting erections with out the need to buy new pills every now and then.

      Best regards

  16. Wellington says

    I use vimax for a month i was amaze on the result, i measure 1.5 girth and 2cm length and this is my second month.

    Product is awesome

  17. vimax says

    hello danny so the result i well se after 1month ? if i want use this in 6month vimax pils is 6month full resultet ?

    • Danny Hanson says


      Yes, you will begin to see some results after the first month, but it is very important to use the pills for at least 4 months to get the full results.

      Best regards

  18. Kent Garzon says

    Hi I’m taking my Vimax for 2 months now but then I am ready to take my 3rd month in Vimax. Unfortunately, my supplier in the Philippines said to me that there Vimax are not available as for now.

    Now, my question is. Is there anything I will take again my Vimax from the beginning of the start if ever I will missed taking Vimax in 1 month? or should I continue to take my 3rd month of Vimax once I can avail again even though I missed taking Vimax in 1 month?

    Thank You

    • Danny Hanson says


      That’s a good question I would advice your to perform penis exercises in the month that you can’t take the pills.

      Best regards

  19. nithi says

    I have 4 Inc penis.. My age 25.. I would like to use vimax taps. I planed to marry in 2016 September.. When will I start to bb use pills…for perfect enlargement…

    • Danny Hanson says


      You should start as soon at possible. The sooner you begin the larger your penis will get.

      Best regards

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